Hi, I'm Liam!


I'm a Photography graduate from Leeds that has a huge love for landscape photography that stemmed from a childhood of being outdoors.

My real love for the outdoors came from my childhood, when my Grandad would take me on camping trips in the summer holidays in his Volkswagen T2. These memories had a huge effect on me and inspired the most recent chapter in my life.


In 2016, My girlfriend Searlait (an amazing Jewelery maker) and I purchased a Volkswagen T4 with the intentions of using the campervan to go away every weekend and see the country. Soon enough we began reading more about people who had converted vans into liveable spaces and this sparked something in both of us. At the end of 2016 we found ourselves tearing apart the original set up of our van, and began to fit the interior in a way that worked for us, a set up that allowed us both to comfortably live and work in the space. See our Instagram.

We are currently travelling around Europe in our campervan, where I will be photographing new landscapes and plan to fund my travels through my online store.


Personal Instagram - @liamhenryphoto
Travelling Europe in a self build camper - @betweenthetrees_
Searlait's Jewelery - @searlaitmccrea

For commissions / say hey! - hello@liamhenry.co.uk