Stills from a film shoot.

A good friend of ours and talented photographer/film maker, Guiseppe De Luca messaged me the other week asking if we would be interested in him creating a ten minute short, telling the story of mine and Searlait's (my girlfriend) decision to convert a campervan, quit our jobs and travel Europe working and living in our van (see the story so far here). We were unsure at first, nothing to do with Guiseppe, but more to do us. We kind of felt like we would be cheating in some way because we hadn't yet gone anywhere or done anything, I mean we'd converted the campervan but we hadn't lived in it yet except for a few nights here and there! After meeting and going over the storyboard we were MORE than interested, and super excited to be part of something that will tell our story from before the build right through to when we've been on the road for a few months. I'm excited to be part of it mainly because it may in some way convince people to try out for themselves, or just to inspire them to think about it! 

We're only at the very beginning of shooting, but the other day Guiseppe and his friend James took me to my favourite woods in Leeds, to film a section that will be about me and my photography, something that I'm going to be focusing on while we're traveling, hoping to make that the beginning of a career into my favourite thing in the world. 

Here are a few stills from our day shooting in the woods.